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About Us



Motorcycle Leathers have always been the back bone of our business. Quality Jackets, Vests, Chaps, Gloves, Helmets and Boots at an affordable price, means more to us than just words. It has been a driving force of our business model.

Even when we first opened we focused on quality and price, yet we realized that a good selection of styles, in a variety of colors, would help drive our sales. That was a challenge in our 14 x 20 square foot store. To solve this challenge we found that wood shipping crates made affordable rolling closets to store our inventory. We stored lots of our core products in them and rolled them out to a back deck to make floor room with display items on racks.

The challenge was solved, but it was a short term fix as we moved in to a multi room store front with 1100 square foot of space.  To us it was a joy to be able to add new products and increase our size range on our inventory.

We quickly out grew that space and were very fortunate to be able to purchase a 2000 square foot showroom with 2 levels and a large parking lot to handle our ever increasing customer base.

Today, through a remodel and expansion, we have 2500 square foot of show room and stockroom, filled with our core products as well as shirts, jewelry, pins, patches, gloves, saddle bags and all the items a biker needs. As our business grew, so did some of our customers, as we all know “leather shrinks in the closet,” so we opened a consignment business to sell those biker items that were not needed or out grown. Win. Win.

Our associates, aka, the Xtreme Ladies, understand that our quest is to provide you with the very best service you have ever experienced in our industry. We will assist you in any way needed, to be sure you are satisfied with your purchase, from your first set of chaps to the perfect fit on boots or helmets. Never pushy, but always available.

Come see why we have thousands of visitors each year and have become the largest independent Motorcycle Leather Store in the Chattahoochee Valley.

Our Purpose

From the very conception of Xtreme Rider Inc., the plan was for the store to be a gathering place for riders to meet, swap stories, exchange ride information and, well just continue to be the brothers and sisters of the wind.

As time has moved forward more and more riders have come our way, some have stayed, some have moved on, many have brought friends and family to shop, and share their stories.

Our relationship with many of our customers have grown and they are like family to us and especially those that work with us. We have laughed with many and cried with a few. We cherish every moment.

We are fortunate to have assembled the most loyal, hardworking associates that any business could ever hope to have. We have lost a few over the years but with loss, there comes a new gain.

During the past several years the original vision has grown to include a stage for monthly performances and a beer and wine garden for casual outdoor seating. Monthly entertainment in the garden includes Karaoke, acoustical solo performances and the occasional sing along. We offer a variety of board games, cards and even Corn Hole boards. Weather plays an important part so we have added heaters to extend this added attraction. Many friendships have started here, and many trips have been discussed.

Live to Ride and Ride to Eat, is a well-known saying in the biker community. I have heard of riders putting on 100 miles just eat an ice cream cone or enjoy a group meal at a local restaurant. To be part of that became more and more important to us and to our customers. The vision continued with the addition of a food service concession trailer, offering “Biker Food at a Biker Price”.  XRC, aka Xtreme Rider Concessions, offers the usual fare including Burgers, Brats, French Fries, Nachos, and Taco salad, just to mention a few items.

We have become well known for our various celebrations, ranging from our Anniversary Party in April, to our 3 day celebrations of Memorial Day and Labor Day. We often throw in fundraising events for the likes of The Wounded Warrior Project, The Ronald McDonald House Charity, The Combat Veterans, The Widow Sons and we host countless rides each year.

Because of our outstanding customers and the XTREME LADIES, we have become a true destination ride for bikes from many parts of the USA.

What you ride is not important, and it’s about the ride, not the destination.  However, a great destination can make a GOOD ride GREAT.  Come be part of our Xtreme Family. Our vision is, as always, focused on YOU.